Keeping the haters at bay. Repelling lower frequencies, hex, evil eye and pesky pests aka crazy ex girlfriends or jealous co-workers. My intention for this candle repel lower frequencies, evil eye, crazy ex’s, jealous co-workers and even raise our frequencies when we are feeling stuck in a lower frequency.When we set the intention of what we want to remove from our lives and work with the elements of fire, herbs and earth we are building that power to keep out what does not belong in our space. The herbs and essential oils that I chose for this oil resonates strongly with breaking hex, evil eye, bad intentions etc. Set your intention for what you want to release and roll that badboy on.  Say this affirmation 3 times. AFFIRMATION 3X MY SPACE IS A PLACE OF SERENITY, LOVE AND PEACE. I RELEASE ANY UNWANTED ENERGIES FROM MY SPACE NOW AND FOREVERMORE.  Organic Sunflower Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils Included in bottle: Herbs & Crystal ~Reiki Infused & Plantbased All Natural100% Pure Essential OilsNo Synthetic PerfumesNo DyesNo Chemicals

Kick Rocks "bitch b gone" Oil

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