We are powerful beyond measure. Because we are powerful there will be haters of lower vibrations that will gravitate towards us in a negative way. Their intentions are not pure and they will try to bring us down to their level. Although we all have the power to shield ourselves from these entities, sometimes we need some help from Mother Earth. With her oils, herbs and crystals we are sure to keep the haters at bay. The purpose for this candle repel lower frequencies, break hex, repel evil eye, repel crazy ex’s, jealous co-workers and even raise our frequencies when we are feeling low. When we set the intention of what we want to remove from our lives and work with the elements of fire, herbs and earth we are building that power to keep out what does not belong in our space.Set your intention for what you want to bring into your life and light this baby up and repeat affirmation 3 times. Very powerful to do on/during a Full Moon. AFFIRMATION 3X MY SPACE IS A PLACE OF SERENITY, LOVE AND HIGHER FREQUENCIES ONLY!ANY BAD INTENTIONS, HEX, EVIL EYE, JEALOUSY, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BROKEN AND NEVER TO TOUCH MY SPACE OF SERENITY. If you know the name of a person who is wishing you bad you can write their name backwards on the candle before you light it. If you do not know their name you can write enemy spelled backwards on the candle. Since this candle has herbs and crystals you might not be able to write the name. In this case you can write their name on a piece of paper asking to release them from your energy field, cut the cords and break anything negative coming from that person - fold the paper up and put it in a safe place near but still away from the candle. After candle is finished you can burn the piece of paper in a safe place outside releasing it back into the universe to be transmuted. The herbs and essential oils that I chose for this oil resonates strongly with breaking hex, evil eye, bad intentions etc. Ingredients: Soy Wax, 100% Pure Essential Oils, Crystal.


Reiki Infused.  Please never leave candle unattended. Please keep in a safe place away from curtains or anything else that may catch fire. I am not responsible for any damages.

Kick Rocks - "Bitch B Gone" Candle

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