So many of us often feel guilty or think its unachievable when we think of having all that we want.  If we want to have a paycheck with 6 zero's we automatically think that it's not possible.  When we think of the abundance of friendship we might also start thinking of past situation where a friendship didn't work, or think of trust issues that we may have towards others, which keeps us in a state of lack.  Reprogramming ourselves to know and understand that abunance in all forms is a state of being.  Being aligned with our wants and thoughts is the key to abundance.  Setting the intention to bring in money and believing it and feeling it with all your soul is the key.   My intention for this oil is to bring your manifestations of abundance to life.  Set the intentions, feel it in your core, say this affirmation 3x's and and allow things to work in your favor. AFFIRMATION 3XMONEY MONEY COME TO MEIN ABUNDANCE 3 TIMES 3MONEY MONEY SURROUNDING MEFOREVER GRATEFUL FOR PROSPERITYMONEY MONEY COME TO METHANK YOU UNIVERSE FOR YOUR GENEROSITY Ingredients:  Organic Sunflower Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils Included in bottle:  Herbs & Crystal Reiki Infused & Plantbased y

Mad Abundance Oil

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