Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key", is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps promote healing.  Rei meaning Spirit and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. As a Reiki Practitioner I work as a channel as the Reiki energy flows through me and out my of my hands and absorbed by the client in a loving and positive way.  The client would either be lying on a table or sitting upright as I work with light touch/or raised hands over the body’s energy points.  Reiki is known to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit to help bring balance into one's life.


  • Cancelations must be made 24 hours before scheduled appointment for full refund.  

    No Refunds for appointments canceled after 24 hours notice.

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Mina S.
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This stuff right here!!!

Oh my goodness, it smells so gooooood!!!

Image by Igor Son

Image by Igor Son

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