Single sessions available for spiritual coaching/advice.


5 Weeks Mentorship to develop your Psychic and or Mediumship abilities learning the basics of energy and connection. 


In these 5 weeks you will learn about the clairs, the aura, how to feel and understand energy, spirit guides, and do practices to connect with energy to receive information.  


15 weeks certification program is suited for someone who has had Psychic experiences and or has had prior spirit communication, holding a 5 min link. In this 15 week course you will be learning hands on by giving practice readings along with lectures.  You can purchase the 15 week certification course to get deeper into this work if you choose.  


Certifications will only be given if you're able to complete all the work and be able to hold a connection for 30 minutes or longer.

1 on 1 Mentorship

  • Cancelations must be made 24 hours before scheduled appointment for full refund.  

    No Refunds for appointments canceled after 24 hours notice.