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Conscious Love - Bringing in love.  Romantic Love and or Self Love

Mad Abundance - Bringing in Money

Kick Rocks - Hex & Evil Eye Breaker.  Keeping Haters at bay


Each bag contains enough material for 3 uses.  I recommend to do the Kick Rocks bath first to clear the way for the other 2 baths.  Clearing anything negative so that you can bring in love and money.




A shower is recommended before you take this spiritual bath


1) Bring a pot of water to a boil (6-7 cups is fine)

2) Turn off stove and add 1/3 of the herbs into the pot

3) Let steep for 15-20 min or as guided

4) Strain pot of herbs into a glass or wooden bowl (plastic & metal not recommended)

5) Add 3 teaspoons of Florida Water (Optional)

6) Mix well and let it cool off to a temperature that won't burn your skin

7) Draw your bath and pour your already strained spiritual bath in your bathtub

8) Mix around with your hand and set your intention or say the affirmation

9) Light a white tea light candle or a Flower Magick Candle (optional) and keep in a safe place in the bathroom.  Do not blow out candle.  If you need to turn off candle you can snuff it out.  Re-light the next day for your next bath.

10) Lay in bath for 10-15 min

11) Air Dry

12) For those who aren't able to take a bath you can stand in your bathtub and pour spiritual bath over you evenly and then Air Dry

Spiritual Bath - 3 Sets