The Shield was created with 100% pure essential oils, herbs and crystals that aid in protecting your aura/energy. I like to envision a beautiful colorful shield around my aura when I light this candle.  Feel free to write a petition or letter of protection for you and your family. Feel it, trust it, reeive it. And so it is. 

Blessed and Reiki Infused


Please keep in a safe place away from curtains or anything else that may catch fire. Keep away from children.  Put the candle on a plate because bottom of the candle may get hot.  I am not responsible for any damages.

The Shield - Protection Candle

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    Mina S.
    Image by Igor Son
    This stuff right here!!!

    Oh my goodness, it smells so gooooood!!!

    Image by Igor Son

    Image by Igor Son

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