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The World as My Heart Sees it

I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic as of late.

At daytime I look up to see a bright blue sky, at night a sky full of endless stars

I breathe in the freshest of air

My toes curling on mother earth

The wind blowing flower dust my way

I walk to the river that flows so freely

I take a sip of this healing liquid

The taste is unexplainable

If this taste had words it would be the freshest, purest, crisp fluid

My body thrives off of this liquid

It thrives from the air I breathe

From the earth beneath my feet

From the wind blowing flower dust my way

I miss this feeling

For this is a feeling that I am not witness to in this lifetime

No, not in this life

In this life when I look up at the day sky I see pollution of unknown smoke and chemtrails

I see skyscrapers blocking my view of the sun

At night I no longer see stars, just blinded by street lights and specks of light from planes

I no longer breathe in the freshest of air, but toxicity

I can no longer go barefoot for I may step on glass, garbage or scrape my feet on concrete

When the wind blows my way it’s not flower dust that comes my way, but ashes from cigarette

When I drink water it’s no longer fresh and crisp, but chemically treated; bottled in plastic

I’m no longer thriving, just surviving on this toxic yet still beautiful earth

I feel her, I feel her sadness for we are the same

Abused, mistreated, unappreciated, but still surviving, pulling through and still beautiful

I feel you Mother Earth, and I miss how things once were

Whenever I feel nostalgic I’ll just close my eyes and remember the world as my heart sees it, for my heart will always remember

I love you!

Love and Light,


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