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How Reiki Changed my Life

Reiki (Rei – Ki), the beautiful art of healing. The unlimited source of Universal Energy, so loving, gentle , pure and non-judgmental. Those are my personal thoughts of Reiki. I can describe it in so many different ways as there is no perfect way to describe this humble form of energy. Although most cannot see this life force energy, it’s there…all around us.

The first time I heard about Reiki was in 2006. I didn’t think much of it, but hearing of it activated something inside of me that would soon reveal itself when the time was right. In 2013 I started noticing my need for healing. I was depressed, feeling very drained mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I noticed that I started to hear about Reiki again. Whether I heard strangers talking about it on the streets or ran across it on the web; I had taken this as a sign that Reiki was calling out for me. What was planted in my mind in 2006 was now ready to bloom. I call it the seed. The seed (information) gets planted and when it’s ready to bloom the universe will help it grow by placing synchronicities in your path.

What I took from these syncs was that maybe it was time for a job change and that I would focus on learning how to be a healer. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together that I was the one that needed the healing. I was so unhappy with my job that I figured a new job would make all my problems go away. After a long search of looking for Reiki Masters, I found the very talented and intuitive Dorothy Kippins. As we spoke on the phone I mentioned wanting to take this leap into changing my career. Dorothy asked, “Maria, I understand that you want to learn Reiki but have you ever been given a treatment before?” The answer was no. I wanted so badly to find a new career that I was missing all those important steps in between.

My first session with Dorothy was intense. Laying on that table, feeling the energy coming out of her hands and feeling all sorts of emotions was like nothing that I’ve ever experienced before. Not only was Dorothy a Reiki Master, but she was also highly intuitive and empathic. She was able to feel blockages that had formed way back to my teenage years. Things that I thought I had moved past were still very much present and they were causing blockages that were holding me back from true health and happiness. After the session she spoke to me about her findings, what she felt and how to get back on the right path of spiritual, emotional, mental & physical wellness. After I left Dorothy I walked down this cobble stone road. It was so beautiful that I had to take a picture. In that first picture I noticed a white light on the left, mind you, the flash had been off. I took 3 more shots and each one had this white glow. I asked Dorothy about this light and she said it’s the white light of the Holy Spirit, which made me smile. Reiki had opened up this magical feeling in me. It made me feel loved, protected, unbroken and helped me think so much clearer. When I got home, I sat on the couch and I had this urge to cry. I wasn’t sad or hurt but I had this strong urge to get these emotions out, so cried I did. Afterwards I felt so much lighter like a weight was lifted. These were all signs of healing; getting rid of emotions no longer needed. This is a part of what Reiki does; it helps you clean your inner closet so to speak. I had 4 more sessions with Dorothy before I felt ready to learn Reiki.

It took me months to find a Reiki Master that I felt was right for me, and in the spring of 2014 I found Reiki Master, Brian Brunius. Brian was amazing and taught his classes with so much love and patience. I had a great feeling about him and knew I was in good hands. I took both level 1 and 2 with Brian, but being that I worked a full time 9-5 in an office It was hard to practice Reiki as much as I wanted to. All my life all I ever wanted to do was to make a living helping others and contribute to society. I just felt very stuck because I was a single mother of twins and was scared to leave my job. I had so much responsibility on my shoulders.

Sometime in early 2015 I had this vision of me scheduling appointments and working close to home. I’ve had similar visions prior to 2015 but this time it felt so much more real and not as far fetched as my visions before this. It felt achievable and there was no fear behind this vision as there was before. I heard a voice telling me that it was time. In May of 2015 I quit my job and since then I’ve been focused on my children, healing work, jewelry making and writing. Not to mention cooking yummy vegan food and posting recipes. When I find myself taking out my scheduler and scheduling appointments I smile. It took me a long time to get here and my journey is far from over. I’ve had my ups and downs but I feel safe because I know I made the right decision and on the right path.

The seed was planted in 2006 and is still in bloom. This is how Reiki changed my life.

Love and Light,


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