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Healing with Mediumship

When the word healing is heard or seen what do you think? Do you think of a doctor, hospital, therapist, meditation, energy healing or maybe shaman? All these options are definitely in the healing spectrum along with many others, including Mediumship.

What is a Medium? A medium works as conduit as he/she receives messages from Spirit (loved ones who have passed away) by seeing, hearing, feeling and just knowing. Once message is received the Medium will pass the message on to the sitter (client).

When someone seeks a Medium reading they are opening themselves up with an understanding that life still exists. This is healing for many reasons. The loss of a family member, friend or pet can be devastating and most of the time people would think that their loved ones are gone forever. There’s also guilt. I had a dear friend that I stopped talking to for 2 years and then she passed away without me saying that she meant a lot to me and changed my life. Or the son/daughter who never got to see their parents before they transitioned. Loss of a child etc. It can all weigh heavy on us.

The beautiful thing about Mediumship is that it gives the sitter the opportunity to connect and get some closure as well as validation that although Spirit is no longer attached to a body; they’re still around watching over & guiding us.

They hear our prayers, they attend family functions, they know all the ongoings of the family dynamic. I’ve had many instances where Spirit showed me a banner that says congratulations with blue or pink balloons and it so happened that someone is pregnant or there was a new birth in the family. They also know when we might have carried guilt over not being able to pick up their last phone call or tell them we loved them one last time. From my experience they don’t take it to heart that these little things weren’t said or done. Spirit tends to focus on your well being. They send so much love during these readings and even send healing messages. Spirit will often show the Medium how life is like on the other side. For example, a love one who may have had a leg amputated due to diabetes and later died from the disease may show himself dancing happily. This is all done for healing. Spirit wants us to be happy, they want us to move on and live happy lives knowing that they’re right here by our side energetically.

After a reading don’t be surprised if you become sensitive to feeling your loved ones loving your and comforting you from the other side, communicating with you from a space of love and light.

I hope this piece helped you in your path of healing.

Love and Light,


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