Luna was created to work with the Moon's energy. Whether we’re in a New Moon cycle or Full Moon you can light this candle with intentions of working with the Moon.  Whether you are looking to ground your emotions, clear your energy or manifest, this candle will help you.  Set the intention, Light and allow the candle to work with your intentions. 


If you need to put this candle out by any chance you can snuff it.


Ingredients: soy wax, 100% pure essential oils, herbs picked specifically for the Moon’s purpose and crystals.Blessed & Reiki Infused.


Please keep in a safe place away from curtains or anything else that may catch fire. Keep away from children.  Put the candle on a plate because bottom of the candle may get hot.  I am not responsible for any damages.

Luna - Moon Candle


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    Mina S.
    Image by Igor Son
    This stuff right here!!!

    Oh my goodness, it smells so gooooood!!!

    Image by Igor Son

    Image by Igor Son

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