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Maria has a beautiful gift. My BF Shawn passed away suddenly and though I feel him around I still needed the reassurance from another that he is with me. He came through very clearly to her ... even told her the baseball shirt I had on because he always wore them..the ring I lost that he led me to the other day...he told her he saw the commemorative shirt I made for him on Christmas...he was able to flow through and communicate well. If you need to talk to a loved one she is an excellent medium and I recommend her highly.  Rachal

Rachal M, Illinios

Medium Reading

Maria, I love your cream. It smells amazing. Love it, Amazing product

Liz Goley, New Jersey


I cant rave enough about Maria's products!
The aromas are amazing, textures too..even down to the detail with little crystals inside!!
I use my products every day (Magick Water, Mad Abundance & Body Buddah) and cant wait to try more from the site!!
The Body Buddah especially gets full marks as its an amazing hair mask as well as a body butter whip! Removes all product build up for a fresh feel. Highly reccommend..i got delivery from U.s. to Ireland.

Lynn Mac, Ireland


I have ordered twice from Maria, and the products are amazing! I certainly would recommend to anyone!

Cara Gilman, Maryland

Jewelry & Product

Very much in LOVE with the necklace and bracelet I received!!!

Laura Spears, Maryland


Received my natural deodorant "Fresh Pits" that is completley organic, vegan and cruelty free. I highly recommend Flower Magick

Mark Troy, Illinois


Maria's products are infused with so much love. They are great! Def recommend them.

Stephany Mejia, Bloomfield, New Jersey


Maria is amazing! I've had a mediumship reading with her where she brought my dad through as clear as day. She described him and his personality perfectly and gave me some beautiful messages After this wonderful experience, I took a class she offered on making Florida Water which was amazing! The information she provided in this course is priceless. I learned so much and the best thing is that she is always available to help when I have a question. Maria is a sincere medium, healer and teacher that truly supports and helps those she works with. I feel so blessed to have found her and will absolutely continue to seek her help and instruction in the future. Thank you Maria for all of your guidance and help!

Joti Atma Kaur

Soul Retrieval

This woman knows her business, wow. I just had a soul Retrieval, very interesting. I had never had one, let alone heard of one. All that she retrieved I could resonate with, thank you so very much for your time and service. Keep up the good work.

Jodi Munoz, Iowa

Soul Retrieval

I have gotten several readings from Maria, medium and psychic on different occasions. She is beyond spot on with everything, I enjoyed every minute of it. My husband has also gotten a soul retrieval which he felt better after. I have taken one of her courses on spiritual baths which was AMAZING! She’s so sweet, funny and helpful. Definitely a must take course ! I have also boughten some of the jewelry she makes which are absolutely beautiful and reasonable prices. Amazing and gifted person all around.

Stephanie Crespo, Chicago, IL

Psychic Reading | Soul Retrieval | Jewelry | Course

Bought a necklace from Maria, absolutely beautiful work. You can tell it was made with love!

Paula Von Schreck, Ontario, Canada


I did a soul reading. Loved it. Very professional.started on time. A great experience.

Gina Strole, Utah

Soul Retrieval

I am so grateful to Maria, she helped me with Soul Retrieval. It was truly an amazing experience. She is such a kind soul!

Jennifer Duncan, Maryland

Soul Retrieval | Product

Awesome and spot on beautiful readings!! Had past life and soul retrieval work done with Maria and she's helped me so much with getting back to my true self. I have yet to buy some jewelry but I know I will be satisfied!

Kasandra Tatiana Cortez, Chicago, IL

Past Life Reading | Soul Retrieval

Maria is a beautiful person with a loving and caring heart. I've gone to her for about year to receive reiki and it's honestly the best energy healing. She's very intuitive and is able to accurately target areas that need the most attention. There isn't always something to tell, but usually after receiving reiki, she will tell me what areas of myself need my attention and she'll offer suggestions of what I should do. I always feel a sense of release and renewal after our sessions, and it really helps me to put things into perspective. I've also bought some beautiful healing crystal pendants from her to further help the healing process. The thing with energy healing is that you must find someone who is love-based; someone you can trust who has the desire to help others, is open to listen to others, and does their very best to help you without judging you, scaring you, or making you feel like you have to drain your wallet in order to find peace or happiness. That's Maria, and I'm so grateful to have reached out to her. I highly recommend for all your spiritual needs.

Gloria T., Jersey City, NJ

Reiki | Reading | Jewelry

I knew Maria initially through her Reiki Healing service. I always left Reiki with her feeling completely grounded and balanced. Being a Reiki practitioner myself I can tell you the Reiki you get is as good as the healer giving it. Maria has honed her skills like a true professional. She has a natural gift to feel the needs of others when providing reiki and the irony of it all is the psychic and intuitive part of her that comes to share the space even when you are receiving Reiki!  She was given me incredible insightful messages from the spirit after sessions! I have had a few psychic readings with her since then and each time I felt her intuition to pick up on the nature of the situation with such clearness. You can just feel it when a psychic you are speaking to is connected to you and your situation and can share clarity.  Her readings are honest, accurate and she cares so deeply about you. If you are going to receive a psychic reading from her, it's always best to go in with an open mind and heart, as that is the best way any psychic can provide you assistance.

Dalia D., Jersey City, NJ

Reiki | Reading

I was blown away with how intuitive & spot on my psychic reading was. I felt her warmth through the phone & was sure that I had been placed in good hands. She was very comforting throughout the whole reading, & then asked me if I had any questions. I highly recommend taking a chance & having her read you 

Katy Kotaidis, Hastings on the Hudson, NY

Psychic Reading

Maria has an amazing ability to connect with the other side! I was lucky to have a reading with her today and she was spot on with all evidence and message! She brought through my dad in an undeniable way and I really felt like I was right there with him. He even knew there was a celebration and today is my daughter's 16th birthday!! She also brought through my son with my father which was an additional treat. Maria reads in such a compassionate and sweet manner with integrity that I would be more than happy to recommend her, refer others to her and have another reading as well. Thank you Maria for warming my heart today! Sending you so much love and light!

Keri Wilson Stringfield

Medium Reading

The pendant you chose for my sunstone necklace is a perfect match! And the copper wrapping is delicate and beautiful.

Muriel Donald, Alabama


I had a Soul Retrieval with Maria and it was absolutely amazing. She hit on 3 different parts of my life that was lost and I have felt so much relief. I definitely recommend her!

Angela Angulo, Phoenix, AZ

Soul Retrieval

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