Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho Healing Method

Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key", is a gentle, non-invasive Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps promote healing.  Rei meaning Spirit and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. As a Reiki Practitioner I work as a channel as the Reiki energy flows through me and out my of my hands and absorbed by the client in a loving and positive way.  The client would either be lying on a table or sitting upright as I work with light touch/or raised hands over the body’s energy points.  Reiki is known to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit to help bring balance into one's life.

Reiki Healing (60 min) - $85

Intuitive Reiki (90 min) - $125

Distance Healing - $35

Reiki your Business - $11.11


Psychic/Medium Reading

As a Medium I work with my guides and angels to connect with loved ones from the other side that come forth to deliver healing messages for their family and friends.  It's a healing experience for both the sitter and the Medium because we get to see that life doesn't end; it just changes form and we get to see that first hand.

As an Intuitive I work very closely with both my spirit guides and the guides of my client as I receive any healing messages for my client.  My intention is to give a reading that will help push the client forward in their path and to bring clarity with any Past, Present and Future situations. 

Psychic/Medium via Phone/Zoom (30min) - $55

Psychic/Medium via In-Person (30min) - $55


By law, I state that this is for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 years or older to use this service. All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading.


Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval - As a Shaman practitioner I would journey via third eye with the help of my spirit animals and retrieve & return your soul fragments back into it's natural place within your energetic field. 

Trance Healing - As I enter an altered state of consciousness I will hold space for healing guides to work on the client as I observe their work via third eye. 

Soul Retrieval (Journeying)- $60

Trance Healing - $33




One on One Mentorship to develop your Psychic and or Mediumship abilities.  This mentorship is more likely suited for someone who has had Psychic experiences and or has had prior spirit communication, holding a 5 min link.

5 weeks - $190

15 weeks - $555



Oracle Card Reading

Receive messages from Archangels, Angels and the divine source.  Each card has a beautiful message that will help guide you through your path of life.

Oracle Card Reading - $45


Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops:

Date: TBA

Time:  TBA

Location:  Virginia Beach (address will be e-mailed upon registration)

Price: $200


Usui Reiki Level 1 

Reiki first degree is focused on teaching a student everything they have to know about the art of Reiki. From the history of Reiki, to the meaning of Reiki, what it can do for you and also how to use it properly to self heal.  

This is a 7 hour class, usually on a weekend from 10 am to 5 pm, with 1 hour lunch breaks on both days. Students will receive an initiation from me, increasing their access to the Reiki energy and boosting their power level. By the fourth and final attunement, the student will have permanent, life-long access to Reiki, as well as all the knowledge and skills to use it successfully on themselves and others.


This level is for those who simply want to understand the basic concepts of what Reiki really is. It is also for those who would like to learn how to heal themselves and others. After this level, you will be able to elevate your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state.


This workshop includes:


- Intro to Reiki Energy

- History of Reiki & lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui

- Reiki Level 1 Attunments (4 Attunments)

- Intro to the chakra system

- Self Healing techniques

- Learning the 12 basic self healing hand positions

- Group Healing Work

- Guided Meditation for opening third eye energy

- Practicing a table session on each other

- Completion Certificate of Reiki Level 1 



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