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2017 Manifesting

Greetings Family <3

I wanted to take some time to touch on some manifestation tips and rituals that have worked for me when ringing in 2015, 2016 and now, 2017. The key ingredients to manifesting are remembering that you have the power to create your reality and having gratitude for where the universe has currently planted you. Nothing is a coincidence. Remember that your are exactly where you need to be for your greater expansion.

Our belief systems are the core of what we project into our human experience. If you believe you create your reality then you do and if you believe you don’t, then you don’t. Believing in ourselves and our power can change absolutely everything. You are the director of your life and are always casting/attracting situations, people, lessons etc. so that you may meet each experience with love over fear. Even the shitty moments where everything is falling apart. Know that you have called these moments into your life for growth and you are never in them alone. The universe and your higher self have your back.

2016 was a year of completion (2+0+1+6=9) which means that 2017 is a year of new beginnings (2+0+1+7= 10 which translates to 1). In 2016 we’ve shaken things up and have been shook ourselves- but we’ve made it. You are an infinitely powerful being. Remember who you are & let’s vibrate higher in love this New Year. This means realizing your talents are your wealth, releasing toxic relationships, habits etc., taking care of your body/mind/soul and cultivating unconditional love/harmony for your inner self. Inner self is the most worthy of love and has always been there for you. Be there for them and hold them high. Humanity is ready to remember who we are and I’m so excited to exist during this shift.

Here’s how I prepare my mind, body and space for a manifestation session. These are tips that have worked for me but honor anything your being needs in order to feel comfortable and connected to self. This may even mean taking a moment to ask yourself for clarity. Sometimes I think of thoughts and see if it’s met with excitement, stress or an “eh” feeling. For example, sometimes my manifestation sessions are in my room and sometimes they’re in nature. Ask yourself what you want and honor the response. Let’s get into it.


  • Clean / Clear Your Space

  • I tend to feel mentally scattered if my physical space is out of order. If I’m anticipating a heavy manifestation session I clean, light some candles, put on my essential oils diffuser, and make sure I feel physically/mentally tidy. For the New Year I also like to sage or palo santo my space to rid any unwanted energies.

  • Shower / Self Care

  • This too is part of the cleaning/clearing ritual. As I shower I intentionally wash off any lingering energies that may still be on me. I do my self care rituals and then grab my manifestation book. Sometimes I’ll make a green smoothie *wink*.

  • Unplug / Be Still

  • This means turing off any and all distractions (TV, phones, etc.).

  • Connect

  • You are left with the most amazing person this earth has encountered- yourself. Be kind & show yourself love in any way you see fit. I prefer silence but feel free to put on high frequency sounds on or do anything that makes you feel recharged and connected. Maybe even put some crystals on/ near you.


Below is a guide I’ve used in the past from Sophie Jaffe ( It’s meant to be used to stir up your brain about what you really want in 2017 so that you may set some clear intentions in part 2.

Step 1: Answer these

Here’s a little exercise to get started–start your pencils! There are no right or wrong answers, just be honest with yourself.

  • How did I bring joy to others in the previous year?

  • What wasn’t working for me last year?

  • What habit/relationship/feeling could I let go of this year?

  • My vision for 2017 looks like….(be as specific as you can be!)

  • How can I bring more of a “yes” mentality to my life?

  • What makes me happy/”light up”?

  • List 5 things you are grateful for in this moment.

  • How can I bring more playfulness and adventure into my life?

Take these questions and tuck them away into a drawer or your journal and set a reminder in 2 months to go back and look at this. Set another reminder for 6 months from now and another at 9. Then revisit the questions at the New Year next year. This is how we set intentions and actually manifest them–by gentle unfolding, not force.

This is your life. You are writing it as we speak, every single chapter. The more specific you get, the more clarity you’ll achieve about what is and isn’t working, and the better, fuller, and more authentic our lives will be. Here’s to a wonderful year.

Step 2:

Right underneath the above questions begin to write about a day in your 2017 life as if it is already happening. These can be mundane activities such as ” I’ve just gotten back from yoga and am making a green juice”, so that your conscious/subconscious mind will believe it. What’s your life like? What kinds of people are you surrounded by? Inspiring ones? How is your relationship with the people you love? Are you inspired? How are you treating your mind and body? What projects are your working on? Are you financially and spiritually abundant? Are you in alignment with your purpose? Are you creating anything? Write down any specifics.

Be clear about what you see for yourself and know that your are worthy of your every desire. Remember- write it as if it is happening right now in this moment and trust that the universe is shifting so that those exact experiences will come to you. Once your writing is complete put it away in a safe place and trust in the flow. Trust that you’ve called these experiences into your future and that it’s already happening and will meet you in the future. On the eve of 2018, go back and read this. You’ll be blown away.

Happy Manifesting Family!

Much love & light,


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